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We are a multi-service organization, with a number of specialities.
Figaro Global Services Ltd was established to provide bespoke strategic consulting for new business in Latin America/UK/Italy for all those investors in Europe/Latin America wishing to investigate new business opportunities. 

With services available in four languages (English, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish), Figaro Global Services Ltd also conducts services such as business facilitation, mediation and preliminary advice on formation of corporations, business structures, bespoke commercial transactions. 

In addition, Figaro Global Services Ltd conducts property researches in Brazil, London and Italy for investors located outside the country in which they wish to invest. 

Figaro Global Services Ltd provides services across a comprehensive range of agreement types to assist clients throughout the documentation, particularly, during the first stage of their investigation of the new business venture. 

Figaro Global Services will facilitate preliminary contacts in the relevant local language, helping the understanding of the initial factors which are relevant to the investment. 

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